Price for members

Our goal is to make our sport accessible to all interested. All our administrators and supervisors are volunteers who are not paid. However, it is necessary to cover our costs. Membership fees are our main source of funding. The amount of this annual contribution is set by the general meeting.
New members:
Our social year begins on October 1st and ends on September 30th.
If a new member registers before October 1, the first annual contribution must be paid immediately after receiving an invoice for the contribution, no later than one month after the application for admission.
If a new member registers from October 1, the annual subscription is to be paid after the general meeting of the calendar year in the last quarter and after receiving an invoice concerning the subscription.
In addition to the annual subscription, new members will have to pay, for the first year, a single-entry fee. The amount of this entry fee is set by the general meeting. The entry fee must be paid immediately after receiving an invoice, no later than one month after the admission request.
In addition, to practice diving within our club, individuals must acquire certain basic equipment. (fins, mask, snorkel, isothermal clothing, weight belt)
All members receive an annual subscription invoice after the general meeting in the last quarter which indicates the due date for the annual subscription: December 15 of the calendar year.
Membership is automatically lost when a member does not pay the contribution due within two months from the due date of the contributions.
By contributing, you can:
  • participate free of charge up to 4 times a week in pool training (no pool entry to pay)
  • participate for free in SACE training in the 15m pit at Kirchberg (no pit entry to pay)
  • rent a bottle block, a regulator and a stabilizing vest free of charge for participation in our training and official outings.
  • fill their club or private bottle block for free with our compressor in Les Bains du Parc.
  • receive a free license from FLASSA.
  • use the changing rooms at the water sports center in Lultzhausen for free for the training program.
  • obtain diving certificates at very economical rates.
  • do lifesaving courses for free.
Membership cards:
After having contributed, members receive their membership card in PDF format by email.